About us

The Informationsdienst Naturstein is a independent service company for the whole natural stone industry

Customers reaching from local craft business to large scale industry.

The key activities are: Introduction of new stones and products, Image developement, designing, productdocuments, websites and sales promotion.

Architectural studies
Work at a Architectural Office
Moved to a private building promoter
Through passion for Natural stone moved to the Natural stone industry
Multi-Year experience in the natural stone business, focal point: purchasing, technical Aufmasse
Production preparation, calculation, acquisition, b2b.
Moved to a leading, german, large scale trade group
Focal point: Supervising Natural stone field, Productdesign, Sales distribution, technical product developement, nationwide exhibition planning
Started Informationsdienst Naturstein in 1998
Founder of network steinkultur.eu in 2011